a project by tom peak (2014)

What shoud you do?

Push the home button of your smartphone, so many times that you are on the very first page of your Apps-desktop.

Then make a screenshot.

Goto to "Participate"

Give some Informations to your Homescreen, fill out the form. (3 Fields, no email)

Add the screenshot and submit.

After that you are redirected to the gallery, your screenshot should be the first in row.

Thx for participation.

How to make a screenshot on cellphones


Push the power and button and the homebutton simultaniusly. The screen makes a short white flash to let you know that the screen is saved into your photogallery.


On Android there it depens on version and device. Commonly nowadays it should be pushing home- and powerbutton at the same time.(Samsung Galaxy Series)

Some Models are the power and the volume-down button (Nexus Series)

On HTC One  you use the power and home or power and volume-down simultaniusly to make a screenshot.

On galaxy-note fE. you have to push the power button twice, the second time with the home botton.

The screenshot will be saved as image in your gallery.