a project by tom peak (2014)

Home is where my mobile is online. In contemporary first and second World societies nearly every individual is connected via mobile/ smartphone and therefore has established its own ecosystem to live in - wherever one is. Equipped with social media features you have the feeling that your family and friends are near you, and that you are living apart together.

A very important aspect of “home” is that one is used to it, that it is a familiar setting. You (usually) know what to expect when you come home. Your home is an intimate place.

But when your are always close to your mobile phone which represents your intimate relationships and gives you the possibility to be interactive.

I want people to open their doors and show their home- or the startscreens of their smartphones - the well known and intimate view they have so many times a day.

Choose participate to be a part of this project. You are asked to upload a screenshot of you homescreen of your smartphone. Type in your name and let us know what "home" for you is about.